Here are 10 ways having a CB Mailbox in Cambridge can help small businesses.

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10 ways having a CB Self Storage Mailbox in Cambridge can help small businesses.

Running a small business in Cambridgeshire is not the easiest thing in the world. Mainly because of the huge rents commanded on business premises. For a small business to hold its head above the water sometimes you need a little smoke and mirrors, for example why not use our mailbox service instead of renting an office in Cambridge?

So, how do Mailboxes work?

CB Self Storage Mailbox service will be your middleman. We provide you with a physical professional business address in Cambridgeshire as a good alternative to your home address, from which you can register your business and receive mail. When your mail arrives at the secure mailbox reception area, a member of the CB Self Storage team will then place your delivered items direct into your very own business locker which you will be able to access 24/7 at your convenience. We also have a ‘Goods Out’ area so if, for example, you sell items online we have a designated space for you to wrap and pack your parcels and leave them for the courier to collect during the day.

Our Mailboxes start at just £10 per week.  We do however have a menu of different options available, and we are able to tailor a package of services to meet your exact business requirements.  Please contact us to find out more: 01223 853351

Let me give you TEN reasons why using CB Self Storage Mailbox Service will help you:

Reason #1: More Time

We find being limited to the core business hours of 9:00-17:00 just does not work when you are trying to juggle all of life’s other commitments. CB Self Storage Mailboxes will be accessible to you 24/7, 365 days a year and our location is conveniently accessible along the A14, Bar Hill in Cambridgeshire.  You can come and collect your post and packages whenever you like. We accept courier and signed-for deliveries. We also have a ‘Goods Out’ area so if, for example, you sell items online we have a designated space for you to wrap and pack your parcels and leave them for the courier to collect during the day.

Reason #2:  Professional Appearance

Studies show that over half of all small business start-ups begin at home. One of the best ways to build credibility from the outset is to have a professional address that reflects your professional company.

Office rental rates in the Cambridge and Huntingdon area are massive and you would not expect any business to rush into renting an office just so they look like an established company, but there is nothing wrong with a little smoke and mirrors. CB Self Storage Mailbox service helps small businesses and sole traders to keep their running costs down by providing them with the option to present a credible business address in Cambridgeshire, without having the overhead costs of a physical office.

CB Self Storage mailbox gives you a Cambridge,UK address to be proud of.

Reason #3: Protect your Home Privacy

Your home address is private! With our Mailbox service, your customers, employees, salespeople,  subcontractors will only know  your address at CB Self Storage, giving you peace of mind that the privacy of your home address is protected.

Reason #4:  Google validation

To be validated on the map section of Google you need to apply for a postal verification code.By default if you work from home this will be your postcode and Google maps will drop a very big pin on your home with your business details. From speaking with many of our small business friends we know this is not a good idea,  with most preferring to have that distinction between place of work and place of home.  If you use our CB Self Storage Mailbox Service you can have that Google pin dropped at our Cambridge business location, at Trafalgar Business Park, Bar Hill, Cambridge, not at your home.

Reason #5: Customer returns

Internet shopping is huge, both for  businesses placing big commercial orders and for your day to day shoppers. CB Self Storage Mailboxes are ideal for Ecommerce businesses, such as eBay sellers, who may occasionally receive returned items. These returned packages my arrive at any time but having a  CB Self Storage Mailboxes provides a convenient way to handle these returned items. As soon as any packages arrive on site they will be transported to your secure and safe business locker, ready for you to collect at your leisure.

 CB Self Storage Mailboxes will  also keep your home address anonymous to online customers.

Reason #6: Mail Security

Identity theft is a huge problem in the UK at the moment, it can take weeks/months to sort out and has the potential, unless caught early, to  have a devastating effect on your short term credit rating, and even temporarily affect your ability to borrow funds to grow your business.

CB Self Storage (Bar Hill, Cambridge) is a safe and secure site covered by extensive CCTV.  Access to the building is monitored and restricted to only those with permission through access controlled systems. You can feel confident that your items are securely handled with care.

Reason #7: Physical Storage Space

Unlike your spare room, bedroom cupboard, or under the spare bed, CB Self Storage can store as many items as you like, as your business expands so can your storage. We do not just offer a Mailbox service, on site there are over a hundred secure storage units, of all sizes, to store your packages and items for mailing.

Reason #8: No Change of Address

Move around a lot? Or maybe you are expecting your business to grow without the space for it? Maybe you don’t want to be tied to one physical address?

With the CB Self Storage Mailbox Service we can be your permanent and stable base for all of your  company’s post and packages while you continue to have that flexibility of your physical location.

Reason #9: A Mailbox for Your Employees too

With just one Mailbox at CB Self Storage you can have all of your employees’ mail sent to us too, this is particularly beneficial for those of you with a growing team, freelancers or remote employees. There’s no need to have a Mailbox per person, just make sure your business name is on the postage label and CB Self Storage, Cambridge will store it for you in your secure business locker.

Reason #10: Convenience     

Starting up and running a small business can be hectic, mad, exciting and hugely time consuming. It is therefore paramount that all of your time is spent efficiently, not waiting around for a Courier to deliver that vital ‘to be signed for’ post, or having to leave a parcel at the Post Office for days because you couldn’t physically make it there within their office hours. Even worse, having to rely on your poor neighbours to take in your parcels for you! Our CB Self Storage mailbox service has been designed for your utmost convenience, let us be your Virtual office! We will accept all courier deliveries and sign-for post, which you will be able to collect 24/7 at your leisure. You can always call us at the Cambridge store to check whether you have mail to collect before coming in to pick it up, helping you to save time.

If you think having a CB Self Storage Mailbox / Postal service might suit your business, then please get in contact. Visit us at CB Self Storage, 16 Trafalgar Way, Bar Hill, Cambridge CB23 8SQ or give us a ring on 01223 853351, we would love to help your business grow!!


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