A Complete Guide To Moving House In Cambridge

The first time you buy/rent a home is an incredible experience, it’s such a great achievement and life goal. Buying/renting a house in Cambridgeshire is not only rewarding but also can be quite a stressful experience.

CB Self Storage Cambridge has put together some handy moving tips, to help you navigate moving house. We have also asked some local estate agents what they think is the most useful thing to do to reduce stress and help enjoy the moving house process.

Often it can be hard to remember to do everything so at the bottom of this blog we have a tick sheet for your convenience.

Set Up Household Utilities
When you move into a house, you will automatically be put on the gas and electric base rate, this rate is likely to cost you far more over a year than signing up to a deal.
Use comparison websites such as Martins Money Saving expert to compare current deals. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/utilities/you-switch-gas-electricity
Now is a great time to Switch energy as prices are on the rise with British Gas, EDF, Scottish Power, Npower, SSE and E.on all planning increases of between 5% and 7.8%

Speak To a Mortgage Broker
We highly recommend Tony at Cambridge mortgage centre, using a broker means you have access to a vast amount of mortgage products and often get a far better deal than going directly to the bank. Here is a snippet from there website.

Choosing the right mortgage can be a complex and time-consuming matter when trying to cut through the jargon and understanding how different mortgage loans (fixed, capped, tracker, discounted mortgages etc.) work, or it might be that you wish to discuss whether getting a mortgage is feasible and affordable. https://www.cambridgemortgagecentre.co.uk/

Change The Locks
It may seem extreme, but it really is worthwhile, Cambridge rental market is very fluid with a large proportion of houses being let out by private landlords. You can never know how many people or who have lived in your home before you. Most people create many copies of keys that they give to family, neighbours, contractors. The idea of strangers having quick and easy access to your home should be unsettling.

You have a few options that a good local locksmith can easily carry out. You can change your locks, or you can rekey your locks.

Replacing the locks is more expensive and quite invasive, you will need to have the whole lock replaced. This, of course, is a good option if the locks are not strong enough, old or up to standard.

If you are happy with the security of the locks but you are afraid of the extra keys floating around, you can have the locks rekeyed. When you rekey a lock, you change the configuration so that it can be operated by another key. This is done by changing the setting of the tumbler, once the lock had been altered the new key can operate the lock and the old key is invalidated.

Research from mortgage broker Ocean Finance has found that 30 percent of movers change locks on all external doors. Over half of houses never change any locks, but it’s hard to understand why. It’s a simple, quick, and affordable process.

Let Royal Mail Know You Have Moved
Its near on impossible for you to remember what post goes to your address, it’s usually the documents you only get a few times a year. When I used to live in a rental property we used to get a regular post for a previous tenant that had premium bond prizes. We could do nothing but return to sender.

To avoid the hassle of not receiving mail, it is best to set up a royal mail redirect and be ruthless when receiving the post and changing the address.
Redirection from the royal mail within the UK costs £34 for 3 months, £47 for 6 months and £67 for 12 months.

If you are moving abroad or staying somewhere temporarily, you can set up a mailbox at CB Self Storage – Clock here for more info. Your mail will be delivered to our site in Bar Hill Cambridge, and we will store it for you until you are ready to collect. We can even forward on to your new address for you.

Get Quotes from Cambridge Removal Companies
Removals companies will not be sympathetic to you trying to book removals for next week, most good removals companies will just not be able to help as they will be swamped. Try and book at least a month in advance; clearly, you will not always know the date, but they can give you a quote and then you can take it up when you get a fixed date.

Fridays are the busiest days for house moves as well as school holidays. So if you can move midweek, it is often far better too. You might also get a better rate.

It may be tempting to do it yourself but remember you are not insured, and removals are if there are any issues you can claim against their insurance. They are the experts after all.

Removals prices also vary massively depending on which company you go for. A 4-bed house move can be between £400 and £1600 depending on who you use. Ask around and get multiple quotes, the difference could be enough to buy a sofa for your new house!!

CB Self Storage Cambridge can get you a great rate and recommend some superb removals men in Cambridge. We always get you a discount!! Follow this link to get a removals quote.

Storage When Moving House
If you are breaking the chain or possibly moving home with your parents. Self Storage in Cambridge can be a fantastic option to alleviate any stress that comes with moving house. It is also a great way to save some money.

Using storage can often help you cope with the mad rush that is completion day, you can get ahead of the curve by gradually bringing some of the not so useful items into storage. You can then move into your new home slowly. You may even choose to have some work done to the house first and having room makes this process far more comfortable and less messy. It also removes the stress & clutter of being confronted by 200 boxes to unpack.

If you are moving into to temporary accommodation in Cambridge or moving in with parents. Using our cost-effective self-storage means you don’t have to squeeze your whole house in as well. Knowing your items are safe, and accessible 24/7/365 in storage is often of a great piece of mind.

If you need a hand with anything CB Self Storage can help you just call us on 01223853351, we are the experts, and we always try our best to help our customers!!

Here is a handy checklist + timeline for House Moves in Cambridge

Three or More Months Before The Move (or when you agree to a purchase)

  • This is the time to approach your landlord about giving notice, it is also a good idea to find out any conditions of rental that you will need to fulfil such as decoration, oven clean & Carpet clean to make sure that you get your deposit back.
  • If you have children it is worth informing the school of your intentions, you will also need to complete paperwork and visit the school. Here are some useful tips on easing a child into a new school
  • https://www.familylives.org.uk/advice/primary/learning-school/changing-primary-schools/
  • Get your finances in order, the current mortgage rules are, and if you have a low credit score, it’s worth working hard to increase it before any applications. It’s also worth changing some spending habits to maximise your borrowing potential. Less Costa more packed lunches!! Have a word with Tony at https://www.cambridgemortgagecentre.co.uk/ he is a fantastic local mortgage broker that guided us through buying our first house.

Two months to go

  • Start packing up/selling items you will not need, use selling sites such as Facebook to sell some of the things you can’t see ever taking to your new home. Think carefully about what you want to transport, are all your CD’s now on the laptop? If so maybe make some money by selling some of the ones that have sat on the shelf for years. You can also sell old tech equipment https://www.musicmagpie.co.uk/entertainment/sell-cds/
  • Look in your loft!! Most people forget what is up there, if it has been used as many do as a store for unused items, start doing tip runs.
  • Research Removal firms, check they have insurance and get some quotes. If you are only moving a sofa, it’s often cheaper to use a man in van service, however, do check they have the relevant insurance.
  • Start with some of the drawers in the kitchen, load by load use the dishwasher to clean the items that you will not use and load them into boxes.
  • Sort out Cupboards, sell closed at clothes for cash type sites or donate to charity.
  • Purchase boxes from CB Self Storage online box shop, and start packing less essential items. We deliver to your door, so you don’t have to worry about fitting them into your car.
  • If you are breaking the chain start negotiating with temporary accommodation providers.
  • Choose a Storeroom in your house, once you have packed a box this is where it should go to stop you falling over it, or rent a room at CB self-storage and start depositing boxes daily/weekly.

One Month Before The Move

  • Visit your new house and take measurements of the rooms, you can then check if your current furniture will fit. If not there is time for you to sell it and achieve maximum value vs selling it last minute in a rush.
  • If you are moving in with your parents or renting temporary accommodation, look into putting your furniture into a self-storage until you have moved.
  • Check with your removals company and pencil in some dates. You can confirm when you have exchanged.

Two Weeks Before The Move

  • Have boxes open and ready to go, as you clean items for example plates and bowls pack them away.
  • Throw away foods that are past their sell-by date or will not travel well.
  • Start taking to bits flat pack furniture, use bubble wrap to protect them and also tape sandwich bags with the screws/bolts to the side.
  • Set up a packing table with all tape, packing paper and scissors on it, start wrapping pictures and valuables like its Christmas.
  • DO NOT USE NEWSPAPER sometimes the print comes off on crockery
  • Start packing clothes in vacuum bags, they take us less space
  • Book a storage unit
  • KEY for removals in Cambridge is a parking permit – make sure you arrange before the van turns up.
  • Have a eat the freezer night, invite friends over and see if you can make meals out of the things that have sat in the bottom of your freezer you have forgotten about.

One Week Before The Move (Exchange)

  • Speak to your solicitor and estate agent and find out how they plan on swapping over the keys, find out what time the estate agents are open until.
  • Finish packing everything but the necessary items, start taping up boxes and arranging in the storage room.
  • Bubble Wrap all table and chair legs
  • Arrange insurance, phone bills and so on for the new house
  • Once you have emptied and cleaned a room close the door and do not let people go in
  • If you are moving out of rented arrange for the carpet cleaners to come the day after the move.
  • Speak to neighbours and ensure there will be a parking area for the van on the day of the move.
  • Ask friends and family to come by and give you a hand cleaning (it’s the worst bit)
  • Defrost the freezer and empty the fridge (make sure you prop the door open)

The Day Before the Move

  • Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged.
  • Ring your removal firm and confirm the time of their arrival
  • Move all boxes into as fewer rooms as possible to make everything easier to move
  • The big important stuff – make sure you have a box that does not go in the removals van that contains all your essential items, keys, passports, driving license, documents and valuables.
  • Pack a holdall with the essential stuff like toothbrushes and enough provisions to get you through the first night, it can often be quite late by the time the move is over, and there is nothing worse than not having your personal bits close.

The Day of The Move

  • Put bollards out to save the space outside the house
  • Let the removals men know what shouldn’t be removed, it’s often helpful to mark with big bits of children’s art paper.
  • Return the keys to the agent or new owner.
  • Once everything is packed up, do a quick assessment of the house closing doors behind you when you know the rooms are empty.
  • Check the loft, shed and garage for any items left behind.

After You Move

  • List of people you need to contact Bank, Local council, DVLA, inland revenue, essential contacts, insurers.
  • Redirect mail
  • Set up new broadband and phone suppliers
  • Collect your final items from storage

Self-storage and General House Move Packing Tips

  • Make a list of items going into storage, it’s often a good idea to take photos of the items just in case there is ever an issue with insurance claims later on in the moving process
  • Use the list to make sure you know where everything is if you need to get that vital bit of paperwork or that dress for a wedding it will be near impossible unless all boxes are marked on the top bottom and sides.
  • Use good quality boxes – not fruit boxes, think of the removals van like Tetris, the best way to pack is making sure all sizes are uniform.
  • Don’t use too big of a box a medium box is usually suitable for most items, it’s not too heavy and also packs well in cars, storage units and vans
  • When loading the van try and put the boxes into the van the opposite way to which they will be stored. That means the last few bits that are removed from the van are the bits that will be at the front of the storage unit.
  • Get helpers – get helpers to meet you at the storage and make multiple trips back and forward with the van. Assign a packer who stands by the unit making sure the items go in the order you want.
  • Cover all items that could possibly scratch in transit with bubble wrap and blankets.
  • Mark all boxes that are heavy with a bug H, these are the boxes that you should put on the ground. You can then put lighter boxes on top of the solid base you have built.
  • Place any boxes that you will need regular access to at the front of the unit
  • Mark all boxes containing fragile items as fragile. Make sure you have quite a few sharpies lying around when packing. These should really go on the top unless they are very heavy.
  • Leave a fitted sheet/mattress protector on the mattress as it will stop it from getting dirty when carried from the house to van. You can also stack it on its end but make sure it is packed in as it will bed and flex if not.
  • Fill the gaps, before moving on make sure you have filled every available space with a suitable item. Take a bit of time on the packing, and it will save you in the long run
  • Don’t leave wardrobes and draws empty, fill the draws with lightweight items and use shrinkwrap or well-secured bubblewrap to secure them in place while in transit.
  • Garden tools can be sharp so try and pack these in plastic boxes, they also might carry some bugs, and you don’t want these getting out.
  • Lawnmowers should be washed down, emptied of fuel, dismantled and oiled. Make sure you do this a few day’s weeks before putting into storage.
  • Final stages cover everything with a dust sheet
  • Pop a padlock on the unit and return the van happy in the knowledge your items are safe at CB Self Storage.