Container Storage vs Indoor Self Storage in Cambridgeshire

Container Storage versus Indoor Self-storage Units

If you are looking for self-storage in Cambridge there are various options, but the main two types are outdoor Container Storage Units and Indoor Self-Storage Units, such as the ones we have at CB Self Storage, Cambridge. This blog is to help you tell the difference.

Container storage Units

I will tell you the positives of containers first, to hopefully avoid having all of Cambridge container storage suppliers emailing me with nasty words! After 12 years of experience in the self-storage industry, in and around Cambridge, I believe outdoor container units serve a useful purpose in the market.

Let’s say you are a contractor in Cambridgeshire and you need a container lock-up for your tools……then they are perfect. You can drive up to them, unload heavy tools and machinery, and the fact they are not as dry as an internal storage unit doesn’t matter. What does matter is it’s easy to access and secure, and almost all the container providers in Cambridge, Sawston and Huntingdon offer a high level of security, far more than a lock-up garage for let in Cambridge.

Drawbacks to Container Storage

Unfortunately, we do need to address the problem of damp in containers a bit further. Hopefully, if you are lucky you will not have a problem, but honestly is it worth the risk to your expensive items just to save a few quid?

Containers are metal boxes and when metal boxes are outside, even when well ventilated, they suffer from condensation. When in the sun they get very hot, this causes a rain cloud effect within the container. All the moisture rising to the roof when it’s hot and then at night, when it gets cold, it forms droplets and drips down onto your furniture, etc. Even with the door closed you will have moisture…….it could be from the water on your boots when you load on a rainy day or the natural moisture in your furniture from when you live in a lovely warm house, or even just the water in the air as in metal storage containers, as a rule, there is no real airflow or ventilation.
Normally, if you were shipping anything which is susceptible to moisture, you would pack it inside another protective container, surrounded by moisture absorbing tools, before placing it in the metal container, which might well then have additional ventilation.

Here is a picture a customer sent me of the outside storage container he had been storing his goods in prior to storing with us. It’s covered in black spot mould and dripping with condensation, not what he wanted for his household furniture! This was an extreme case and most containers would never get as bad as this, but it illustrates the point!

Indoor self-storage Units

Drawbacks to Indoor Self Storage Units

Let’s be fair, and start with the negatives –
You can’t drive up to the units, so you need to transport the items in with a trolley. However all of CB Self Storage’s units are close to a door, unlike some of the big ‘monster ‘ Self-storage sites , where your unit could be anywhere on site, even on upper floors. Not a problem for a box or two, but by the time you have made several trips it can be exhausting!

Some of the indoor self-storage sites can impose much stricter terms and conditions than outdoor container sites. CB Self Storage go out of their way to provide a helpful, affordable and flexible storage solution to all their customers.

Or they can impose mid-contract price increases i.e. once you are in storage they put the rate up, sometimes with little notice. CB Self Storage will never do this!!!

Good points about Indoor Self-Storage Units

Being inside, they are almost certainly all much cleaner and dryer than outdoor storage containers and come in a greater range of sizes.

Most are well lit, easy to access and fill, especially useful if you want regular access to your goods.

There are varying levels of security, but normally security is very good, often with staff manning the premises during office hours.

Some self-storage facilities have additional services , such as box shops, mail boxes, e-commerce, virtual offices and long-term storage units.

At CB Self Storage we have FREE 24/7 access to our well-lit and ventilated units which are clean, dry and easy to access. They are eco-friendly and made as far as possible from recycled wood. There is full CCTV security which is monitored by an external control room, and CB Self Storage customers can only access the site using their own PIN code.

Hopefully we have helped you to come to a decision on whether to use internal self storage units or external Container Storage units for your goods. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at CB Self Storage if you have any further questions, or would like to have a quote for storage at CB Self Storage, Bar Hill, Cambridge.


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