Looking for a Lockup in Cambridge?

Lockup in Cambridge/Huntingdon/Cambourne

Are you looking for a lockup, to store tools, car parts  or have you simply run out of room in your garage.

CB self storage Bar Hill,  offers a alternative lockup option, however just like a lockup you can store almost anything in our storage area.  But unlike a lock-up the security is fantastic, you will sleep safe in the knowledge that items are not being stolen.  

Far too often we hear about tools being stolen from the back of vans and also lockups,  they are often targets for thieves, little to no security they can be accessed during the night quite easily.  CB self storage offers a secure lockup service for businesses, that allows you to access 24/7 365.

Recently there has been a spate of break ins across Cambridgeshire, targeting tradesman’s tools leaving the person involved unable to work.

The Business units at CB self storage are clean, dry and secure.  The whole site is covered by CCTV and you are unable to access the storage unless you have an access code.

Although self-storage is sometimes slightly more expensive than renting a lockup in cambridge, in the long run it does give you the peace of mind that your items are going to be safe, and it will not affect your business practice.

The other added benefit of having a lockup in  CB self storage, is that you can have a number of different codes for each member of staff you employ.  This allows you to track who has been into the storage area how long they have spent in the storage area.  Very useful to keep track of staff members that like to take their time getting something out of your lockup storage,  or if anything goes missing.

This benefit also helps you if you work from home,  feedback from similar businesses is always positive due to the fact that if you are not working, you do not have to worry about staff knocking on your door  disturbing your time off.

We also offer a mailbox service for all your deliveries.

The lock ups in CB self-storage,  vary in size from 35 sq ft up to 160 square foot,  these larger units are a similar size to a double garage.  On-site you can access your lock up in our Cambridge self store,  via a large roller shutter door, and inside the unit there are a number of trolleys, to assist taking your items to and from your storage lockup.

If you are looking for a lockup in Huntingdon we recommend visiting the  crime logging website, this will show you if your lockup in Huntingdon has ever been broken into in the past.  It gives you a good indication of the problems involved with renting lockups in Huntingdon, lock ups in Cambridge  and lockups in Camborne.


CB self storage  also has offices to let in Cambridge, on short & long term contracts should you find yourself unable to work from your home office.

Businesses that use lock ups in Huntingdon and Cambridge, often find the customers they are  looking after require storage, or what is increasingly the case that you are expected to work around the customer’s furniture.  Putting items into self storage in Bar Hill, means you have the space to carry out the work without having to constantly move furniture. 

Storage starts from £20 per week and this could be the great way of making sure you have an empty space to work in. Once you have a lock up at CB self storage you can add on any  extra storage units for as long as you like. This is a great service you can offer your clients.

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