My experience of Moving house in Cambridge, using self storage and Cambridge removals

My experience of Moving house in Cambridge & using Self Storage.

Now, this is a story all about how, My life got flipped-turned upside down, And I’d like to take a minute

Just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I became ………… a perpetual self storage user in Cambridge

So a little background, I met my now wife before she went to uni and we spent a long time flitting between the two. I was in a rented flat in Newmarket and she was a student in Cambridge and in Lancaster, i paid £700 a month for a 3 bed flat which we split between 4 friends. Not having a living room was odd!!!!

After a year or so not having a living room and the pressures of living next to a nightclub took its toll and i moved back home. It was at this point i put all my items into a self storage facility in Cambridge that i was running at the time. My parents didn’t want the clutter and i wanted to save some money to move in with my wife when she finished uni.

Working in self storage in Cambridge, i found out that literally hundreds of Cambridgeshire’s 20 somethings are moving out of rented, in with parents and putting items in self storage, to save for a deposit on a house in Cambridgeshire. Its a real sign of the times!!!  

We have never stopped using self storage since then, the ease and convenience of being able to just grab some items out of a secure self storage unit at any day or night was far too attractive whilst living in small rented accommodation in Cambridgeshire.  

At the time the self store was based in a leafy village between Newmarket and Milton. It was cost effective self storage, but at the time i was working there so it meant i could access during the opening house and the lack of 24/7 access didn’t affect me. The site specialised in long term storage for people relocating abroad, also students that need storage while on placement.

Eventually that self storage area closed and i moved on to a new job running one of the largest self storage facilities in Cambridge, it was brand new (12 years ago) and state of the art on Coldhams lane, it came with 24/7 access and all the security you want.

It was great timing as it coincided with my wife finishing uni, we moved in with her parents and all her university items went straight into storage. We went for a larger self storage option this time but just for a few months while we waited for our house to be ready.

House 2 From there we lived in St Ives and i commuted to the Storage Centre in Cambridge city, Amy worked locally so St Ives was a perfect location. We were on a strict budget so we rented the smallest cheapest house possible, it was tiny!!!! Self Storage was a necessity as we had plans to move at some point and there was no point throwing items away, we were left many bits of nice furniture we wanted to store. In fact we had self storage for a year and didnt access the unit once!!

At the time the store operated a no price increase on self storage and focussed on long term storage. Not so much now i am afraid, so watch out for mid contract rate increases as they are becoming very common with the larger companies!!! It’s something that i feel passionately about so i have reinstated at every self store i have managed, i also fix the prices for 12 months on every unit!! That’s why CB self storage in bar hill is widely regarded as the long term storage specialists in cambridge.

House 3 we moved to fenstanton, a lovely village next to the A14 between huntingdon and Bar Hill. it was great had a huge garden and lots of space… for our new addition Murphy the dog. The official mascot of CB self storage, Bar Hill.

We realised we were stuck in the rental market in cambridge, when our landlords decided they wanted to sell the house. The only thing we could do with such short notice was move our whole house into a bigger self storage and move in with amy’s parents.

Tom form cambridge city moves was fantastic we booked him very short notice and he just took the stress out of the situation.

We saved and saved and saved and managed to buy a house, granted from offer to completion it took 6 months which was infuriating. You just never know how long it will take, my experience of self storage customers in my position is when pressed they often only say 2 months…. I guarantee you you will need self storage longer than you expect…its why all self storage companies offer 50% off but shushhhhhhh don’t tell anyone.

We moved in and completely refurbished the house, its was amazing having the freedom of having our items in storage in cambridge while we did the work on the house. It meant we had a blank canvas and managed to get on with jobs so much quicker, not having to relocate furniture. Happy in the knowledge it was in safe secure storage, the only issue was it was far over the other side fo cambridge and the traffic to get there was terrible, at the time there were no self storage facilities near bar hill or cambourne.

Finally came the day when we moved all our storage into the house. It was great seeing the cambridge city removals, removal truck arrive.

We still have a small self storage unit in our site CB self storage, bar hill.  we use it as secure storage for important things like ….. Christmas trees and ski gear 🙂


Thank you for reading.

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