Removals and Storage Explained

Removals and storage vs Self Storage

So you are plodding the internet looking for removals and storage in Cambridge, or maybe you are looking at self storage in Cambridge.

Wondering if to do the removals yourself and hire a van or pick one of the local cambridgeshire removals companies, here is a article i hope will help you make a informed decision.

Removal storage

Removals storage is an industry that has been around seemingly since the ice age in Cambridge, it is the simplest form of storage. A storage box loaded in a van then transferred into a warehouse somewhere usually in the middle of nowhere in leafy Cambridgeshire. Then stacked 5/6 high .

The removals industry has been through the mill in Cambridge over the last 10 years, with far less people moving house, choosing to extend more. A lot of the big companies laid off LOTS of the long serving removals staff and went down the route of using temporary agency workers, managed by core removal staff. This although reduced the cumbersome wage bill, came with problems affecting the quality of the removals & storage management. So beware the “traditional cambridge removals” is not what it was 10 years ago.

We instead recommend using medium sized removals companies, from cambridge and the surrounding areas such as Camborne and Huntingdon that operate in and around Cambridge. There are some fantastic examples, not just Tom from Cambridge City Moves but we can recommend many more medium sized and low cost removals in Cambridge.

Not only do they offer a far cheaper option for removals in cambridge than the larger removal companies in cambridgeshire, they rarely use agency staff preferring to use cambridge based trained staff. This results in far better attention to detail during your house relocation, when moving in or around Cambridge. A notoriously tricky place to carry out removals.  

Pros & cons of removals & storage

It’s great if you do not require access to the storage and you want one company dealing with the removals and storage.

Security is often not as strong as in self storage and storage containers stacked 6/7 high have a tendency to be moved around the warehouse a lot, meaning if not done with care and attention the items inside tend to have a bit of a bumpy ride.

I suppose the biggest negative is the access issue, often you will be charged to access the unit. Ideally removals storage is used when you don’t need access to the storage at all. But in this case the security of self storage means it’s often a better option.

Self Storage

Self storage does what it says on the tin, in Cambridge there a few providers of self storage all offering various levels of service and quality. Some are outside containers, some are multi million pound premium self storage facilities owned by large faceless companies.

With self storage you have options, you get to choose the unit size, how you will get the items to store, when you get access to the storage.

As this blog is comparing removals and storage to self storage in cambridge, we mainly need to focus on the transport element.

Using secure self storage when moving house in cambridge gives you a choice!!. You have 3 options as standard.

Option 1 – Van hire in cambridge

There are numerous van hire companies in cambridge, we recommend shopping around for the best deals, keep in mind it’s usually cheaper during the week than at weekends in cambridge and most van hire companies situated in cambridge, have very limited weekend opening hours.

Some sceptics may say this is to force you to hire the van for the whole weekend 😉.

There are standard van sizes to rent in cambridge from a transit – Luton van size.

As a rule of thumb a standard van will be ok for a 35 sqft unit and a luton van for anything 80Sqft and above. Rough costs in cambridge are £50 per day for a standard transit and £75 – £100 for a luton, the extra benefits of hiring a luton van in cambridge is it usually fits down the windy streets & comes with a tail lift.

Keep in mind your goods are not insured so if you have a crash on your way to self storage then beware!!! (same for man in van usually)

Option 2 – Man in van in Cambridge

Be Very careful choosing a man in van in Cambridge, make sure they come with a recommendation you trust. There are many man and van companies that operate without insurance so you could lose everything!!!! As long as you have a van you can technically call yourself a man in van, its cheap cheerful and there are a lot of people doing it around Cambridge, Cambourne, Bar Hill  and Huntingdon.

Look to pay around £50-£75 per hour for a cambridge man in van. If you call CB Self Storage, Bar Hill We will happily give you advice on which companies to use.

Keep in mind if it ends up taking 4-5 hours plus you often be better off going for a fixed price removals in cambridge as they will almost certainly be insured… make sure you check !!!!

Option 3 – Removals in cambridge

CB Self Storage have teamed up with Tom from Cambridge City moves & a number of other local removals firms, he really is big enough to cope and small enough to care…… and boy does he care!!!

Removals costs slightly more than a man in van but when you compare it to the quality of service and the piece of mind that your furniture is less likely to be damaged. It’s a no brainer!! Removals with Cambridge City Moves start from £250 in Cambridge and Tom will also help you choose the right size self storage.

CB Self Storage is offering FREE collection by tom for a limited time. Call now !!!!


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