Searching for Removals in Cambridge?

CB Self Storage has teamed up with some of Cambridgeshire’s leading Removal Companies.

They all offer our customers discounts, even if you do not need storage we would be happy to let you have access to our trade discount for free.

The removal companies we work closely with offer their removal services nationally and internationally.

If we are unable to service your removal and storage needs, we have 10 years of industry recommendations that we would be happy to pass on to you.

Please fill in your details below and you can either choose for us to come and visit to carry out a site survey, or if you are in the early stages of budgeting we can email you an  estimated idea of costs instead.


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  1. Instead of reading the 40 tips below, you could always just get the removals guys to add a packing service.
  2. Pack quickly, dont worry about having a few random items from different rooms in a box, it all goes to the same place
  3. When to start packing for a move? As soon as your household move is confirmed, go get some boxes, you can tape the bottoms but not the tops and get started packing the items you will not use.
  4. Speaking of packing – get your passport and holiday items, anything that is important and put them in a BIG RED BOX otherwise they may end up going into storage
  5. Mates – its so much easier packing up someone else’s house, most nosy friends will love the opportunity, many hands make light work
  6. You can’t start the packing without having packing materials.CB self storage has them all so pop down.
  7. Quality moving boxes can mean the difference between a happy and sad move, buy lots of bubblewrap and wrap everything – except the dog!!
  8. Inventorying your home —– or as we call it procrastination, just put it in a box and label the box.
  9. Flammable, corrosive or explosive stuff should not go in the Van.
  10. Tape the top and bottom of the box, do not fold into some sort of origami masterpiece… it will not work
  11. Bubble Wrap is cheap and also distracts the kids while you wrap.
  12. Start on the bookshelf, its satisfying and will give you the motivation to carry on.
  13. The best room to pack first is the room you want to store all the boxes.
  14. Have some boxes set aside for ebay and to discuss – to avoid arguments
  15. Packing up your entire home in one go simply won’t work. Go for a room at a time, once finished close the door and celebrate… with wine!!!
  16. Once you have completed a room, put all the completed boxes in there.
  17. Box size – don’t be the person who gets the biggest boxes and fills them to the rim, no one likes that person. Especially removals teams who have to lift them.
  18. How to pack a box… start with bubble at the bottom of the box, then use packing paper and finish with bubble, if you use too much bubble it will fill the box prematurely.
  19. Don’t throw away the old clothes when you have a sort out, use them to pack out boxes.
  20. Its pretty hard packing a house, stay hydrated and have a banana when you are getting a bit bored.
  21. The garage is usually the dumping ground of the house, just get rid now its easier than taking it to the new house. Ask yourself do you need that half used bottle of PVA glue ??
  22. If you have a bit of time, start packing the kitchen in stages, or dishwasher loads, load by load just empty into a box. After a week you will have made a huge dent and everything will be spotless at the other end.
  23. Plastic creates are just not as good as boxes, unless you buy really good quality but these can be £££. 3 ply boxes are the removals best and they stack much better in the van.
  24. Got some paper plates lying around? or even better styrofoam, then put them between the plates and you have perfectly sized packing materials.
  25. Bathroom – usually one of the most satisfying rooms as it can be done really quickly. Perfect job for the days you don’t feel motivated.
  26. Spillage !!!! bathroom products tend to leak, put a bin liner in the box before you pack it.
  27. Furniture – get some shrinkwrap and go mad, its brilliant and a bit of an industry secret. Wrap it around draws and tables to stop the draws popping out. It also protects from scratches.
  28. Disassemble everything then put the fixings in sandwich bags and tape them to the leg.
  29. Use moving blankets, shrinkwrap, duvets or bed covers to protect the furniture. Most removals will have blankets so do ask them to bring some along on the day.
  30. Books are heavy…. use small boxes
  31. Winter clothes can stay in the box for a while so make sure they are folded neatly.
  32. Wardrobe boxes are great, but they can also be used in the loft afterwards for thinks like ski gear and wedding dresses.
  33. Shoes – Stuff them with socks
  34. Jewelry, get a big towel, lay all your jewelry flat and then roll. This stops necklaces getting tangled
  35. Electronics are very fragile, you simply cannot use enough bubble wrap and make sure the box is covered in fragile tape.
  36. Piano’s – best to use a professional there are a few in Cambridgeshire give us a call and we will recommend someone. 01223853351
  37. Pool tables, Jacuzzi’s and all awkward things are known as the back breakers, call us as we will get you a professional.
  38. Label the boxes – big marker pens are key
  39. Buy good quality tape and lots of scissors
  40. Packing up your entire home is miserable on your own, our reliable professional packers guarantee a problem-free packing and moving from the very beginning. Once they are finished you can drink the wine 🙂