Self-Storage in Cambridge – 10 Great Reasons Why You Need It!

Self-Storage in Cambridge – 10 Great Reasons Why You Need It!

Long-term & Short-term Self Storage at CB Self Storage, Cambridge can really make the most of your available space.

Let’s just face it, we all need more space! Houses & flats in Cambridge are getting smaller and smaller. Whether it be in our home or work lives, CB Self Storage can provide you with a fantastic, cheap self storage option to de-clutter your life! Whether it is excess furniture, a large train collection, tools, or files that you need to keep for accounting / business reasons, self storage is often the best way to make that extra room you desire.

1.Get a head start when moving to a new house.

It can be worrying, and frustrating, if you are stuck in a long house selling chain. Why not avoid being the one breaking the chain by putting your items into storage, at CB Self Storage, and vacating your property early? This might require you to arrange alternative accommodation, but often it gives you a big advantage in securing the house move.

If you are buying your first house and you are in rented accommodation, often it’s a good idea to give notice a few months before, put your items into self storage and move in with friends or family.  You can then use some of the money you would have spent on rent to buy some items for your new house!

At CB Self Storage, Cambridge, you can store your household items locally with convenient, FREE 24/7/365 access, so there is no issue with getting your items whenever you need them.

2.Do you have a Big collection of items?

Whether you have a collection of trains, pottery, vinyl records, even Daleks, self storage in Cambridge is fantastic for looking after your items. CB Self Storage, Cambridge is safe and secure, with CCTV that is monitored externally 24/7. And  you can check on it any time you want, with FREE 24/7 access, meaning you can carry on expanding your collection portfolio without the worry of running out of room, or the collection being left in an insecure area of the house.

3.Store your sports, hobby, holiday equipment.

Many of us now play sports that require big bulky equipment, just look at the size of cricket pads now compared to 40 years ago, not to mention golf or fishing gear! If you keep falling over your sports gear, or you have taken a break from the sport you love but intend on taking it up again, then we have small units at CB Self Storage, Cambridge which you can use to de-clutter your household storage. With 24/7 access you can just come and pick your sporting kit up whenever you need it, and return it when you have finished, whether weekly, monthly or yearly!

CB Self Storage’s conveniently located units are also great for seasonal hobby items such as skis, snowboards, bikes, canoes/ kayaks, camping gear, and fishing equipment. And what about those gardening tools and garden furniture cluttering up the garage in the winter?

As soon as you need the items in storage, you can come collect them 24/7/365. We have lots of trolleys on site so it’s easy to access the storage units and load up the car. CB Self Storage is conveniently located just off the A14, near to the Tesco Extra store at Bar Hill, Cambridge.

4. Redecorating? Renovating? Building a house or business extension?

Lots of people in Cambridge use storage when they have work done to their homes and offices. It is a great way to clear out the house and make sure your prized possessions are stored away safe from the dust/paint/plaster that might be splattering everywhere.

Why don’t you bring any items you won’t be needing during the renovations to CB Self Storage in Cambridge and let us look after them for you? Our units are clean, dry and secure, and with 24/7 access, you can then come and grab any items you need, at your leisure, without disrupting the builders.

Trust me when a plasterer says he will not make a mess…. He is lying!!!

5. Are you thinking about down-sizing to a smaller house/ flat?

Are you thinking of down-sizing in Cambridge? Maybe your children have left the family home and you think it’s time to release some equity to enjoy, but can’t imagine where you will store all the ‘important’ items they have left behind but ‘might need one day’, such as beds, college books or the old family cot, or that item of furniture which has been passed down through the family and you want to keep, but it just won’t fit in your new home?
This is where CB Self Storage can help, you can rent a large self storage unit for all your items, then once you have sorted through them and decide which you really want to keep, you can down size to a smaller unit. That way you only store the things you just can’t see yourself ever parting with. With storage in Cambridge you can store the items you care about and know they are safe, for as long as you want.
We also work with local removal companies to make moving to a new house an easier process. If you need to store all your belongings for a period before you move into your new home, CB Self Storage will store them for as long or as short a time as you need.

6. A Baby!!! How CB Self Storage can help you to make room for a new arrival!!

Often the small box room or spare room (nursery) in your house, over time, becomes the store room, but this obviously all changes when a new baby comes along! You will need to remove all the items stored in there and decorate!! Self storage in Cambridge is the best option for clearing out the space, whilst keeping the items safe and in a convenient location. Our clean, dry, secure storage is perfect for looking after the items you love, to make room for your new arrival. After all you can access 24/7 so it’s just like having a home away from home.

7. Student Storage for Cambridge students.

CB Self Storage’s Student Storage Service, in Cambridge, is a fantastic option for you if you are going home for the summer. We know well that storing your items in halls or your accommodation is not always practical. Our convenient storage centre, just outside of Cambridge, is perfect for students as it is easily accessible via public transport. We will also arrange collection for you for a low-cost rate, and if you are storing for 6-8 months we will collect the items for FREE.
Cambridge University colleges will normally ask their students move all their belongings out of college halls/ accommodation at the end of each year and by far the easiest option is to put everything into storage. If you store with CB Self Storage we are confident that you will come back to us for the rest of your time in Cambridge.

8. Going Travelling? Moving overseas? Need to store your belongings in Cambridge?

Have you decided it’s time to take time out from your hectic lifestyle to explore the world? Taking an extended holiday? Does your job require you to relocate? Have you a student placement abroad? Retiring to a place in the sun?
CB Self Storage offers a temporary home for all your storage goods in Cambridge. We will look after your items while you see the sights of the world and make memories.
When you come home you can feel confident that your worldly possessions are sitting safe and securely in their very own clean, dry, secure storage unit.

Often when people decide to take a sabbatical, or move overseas, they will rent out their house. This is often a great way to maintain a base in the UK, however you do not want to share your prized possessions with the new tenants! Storing with CB Self Storage allows you to return home and move straight back into your house, without the worries of your items being damaged by tenants.

9. Life Changing Events

Whether good or bad, sometimes you might need self-storage in Cambridge with little notice, often during very stressful moments in your life. It could be after bereavement or divorce, or, on a happier note, the surprise arrival of twins! CB Self Storage have seen it all over the years, and we will do our utmost to help you through the stressful times by providing flexible, affordable storage solutions for the moments when you need it most.
Sometimes putting things into storage for a while can allow the dust to settle and the situation to become less raw, and allow you the time to sort things out in a less stressful way.
We have flexible contracts and opening times, so the storage space is available whenever you need it the most.

10. Thinking of setting up a business?

There has been a huge change in the way people do business in Cambridge in the last 20 years, the internet has made it far easier to become an online entrepreneur. If you are planning on setting up or are already running an internet or Ecommerce business (such as ebay selling or online retail), CB Self Storage can help to make your business grow and expand.

CB Self Storage’s Mailbox Service and Flexible Office Service will send, receive and sign for your parcels at your very own mailbox address in Cambridge. This means you won’t have to give up your day job until your new online business is up and running!

If you are a Cambridge business running out of room, CB Self Storage would love the opportunity to look after your items whether they be small, large, archive documents, ebay items, tools…we store virtually everything!

CB Self storage is conveniently located behind the Tesco Extra superstore at Bar Hill, Cambridge, just 10 minutes from the centre of Cambridge.

Below are driving distances from our site to local villages.

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