Wine Storage Cambridge

Wine storage is becoming increasingly popular. Your wine is too valuable, and fragile, to risk damage through poor storage. CB Self Storage Cambridge wine storage offers a convenient, affordable means to allow your wine to mature to its full potential. This is not just for the big collectors, wine enthusiasts of all sizes use our wine storage facilities, as well as wine merchants, restaurants and boutique wineries.

The best thing about your wine in our cambridge Self Storage facility, is that you can access it any time you want. So if you feel like getting out one of your prize drops for a tasting, you are only a short drive away, just like going to the bottle shop, except you won’t need any money!

Vibration and Handling

Vibration is a problem for maturing wine, frequent jolts or vibrations during its development can be detrimental. With your product in wine storage you control every movement of you wine. Unlike wine warehouses, where your product may be moved without you knowing, in self storage you hold the key, so no-one handles your wine without you knowing. The pods are all built on solid foundations and there is little if any vibration though the shelving.

So if your wine is good enough to save, it is worth putting into CB self storage.