CB Self Storage take the security of your goods very seriously.

CB Self Storage CCTV


CCTV cameras are mounted throughout our secure, well lit, CB Self Storage site in Bar Hill, Cambridge. They are monitored and recorded 24/7 by an external security company, who track every visitor to the store.

CB Self Storage Security Monitoring

Access control

CB Self Storage’s secure storage software system enables us to provide you with a unique PIN code and fob which allows you FREE access to the self storage area 24/7/365. Only you can access your secure, self storage unit. All visitors to the site are automatically logged so that we can be confident that only our customers and staff have access to the premises. Your PIN code will automatically expire when you vacate your storage unit.

CB Self Storage Secure Access

Fire alarm

CB Self Storage has Redcare smoke and fire detection monitoring systems, linked directly to the Cambridgeshire fire brigade. We take fire prevention very seriously!!

CB Self Storage smoke and fire detection monitoring systems

Trafalgar Way 

CB Self Storage’s secure storage warehouse is located near the Tesco Extra Store at Bar Hill, north-west of Cambridge, in the established Trafalgar Way Business Park. There are several prestigious businesses located nearby and the whole area is well looked after and monitored for any suspicious activity.